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Upcoming Scheduled Downtime / Maintenance
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Recent Incidents
  • Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 from 10:35 CDT - 14:30 CDT | Cloud Server Incident

    An incident (CSHD-7e619df5) at the RacksSpace Chicago datacenter disrupted service of our "socket" server. This caused site search to stop working. It also disrupted the live timers and bid updates for lot detail and lot list pages. This meant pages needed be manually refreshed to see new bids and changes in status/close timers.

    As of 14:30 CDT service was restored to normal. Tests indicate that functionality is fully restored. The incident was related to the hypervisor our instance was hosted on. There was no suggestion that this issue might reoccur. In the coming months we will be migrating away from this hosting provider. We will have more redundancy in place after that and should be better able to avoid single points of failure like we experienced with this.

Data Center Infrastructure

Anything related to hardware, software, DNS/network, etc. All the things that keep OAS sites working.
Individual status pages for RackSpace and Amazon Web Services can be found here: /

Email Delivery

We use third party services for sending transactional emails.
Currently we are using MailGun. Their own status page is available here:

Phone / SMS

We use third party services for phone verification and text messaging.
Currently we are using Twilio. Their own status page is available here:

Payment Integration

Some OAS sites interact with PayTrace for credit card payment integrations. The PayTrace status page is available here:
Other instances use Square. Their status page is available here: