Online Auction Solutions

Online Auction Solutions (OAS) is auction software that provides all the tools you need to conduct online auctions.

Online Auction Solutions is a white label, software-as-a-service (SaaS), solution which works as a standalone website or can be integrated into an existing website. We do not charge a commission or other percentage based fee. You exclusively own your bidder information and all the other site data.

One distinctive feature of our software is its ability for multiple auctioneers (affiliates) to sell on a single site. The affiliate auctioneers can manage the full lifecycle of their auctions, from cataloging to invoicing. The site owner is provided with administrative tools for managing these affiliate auctioneers, and determining site and affiliate level business rules. While the product works perfectly for a single auctioneer, if you grow and find others interested in joining your site, we've got you covered!

Developed by auctioneers, for auctioneers. We handle the technology and let you focus on your business.

COVID 19 Feature Update - Do You Need to Schedule Appointments for Inspections and Pick Ups?

As businesses adapt to social distancing guidelines they may discover the need to manage event attendance. To help we've created a free scheduling tool for auctioneers. Use it to create an event, then invite individuals to make appointments for available time slots for that event.


Bid on auctions from any mobile device.
  • Bid from any mobile device.
  • Invoices are automatically generated after close of an auction.
  • Bidders receive invoices and outbid notifications by email.
  • Invoices remain on the bidder's dashboard.
  • Bidders can add items to watch lists.
  • Search by keyword/category or browse by auction.
  • Filter lots by distance, close date, amount, etc.


Full set of cataloging tools.
  • Full set of tools for cataloging, including image management.
  • Optional credit card integration for payments and pre-registration.
  • Invoices are generated and emailed automatically when the auction closes.
  • Auctions are not workspace based; it is not necessary to overwrite old auctions.
  • Generate seller settlements.
  • Easily create sales tax reports.
  • Many reports to help you know your bidders and to measure the effectiveness of your advertising.


Advanced administrative function.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Ability to manage a network of affiliate auctioneers.
  • Fraud prevention and bidder scores.
  • Integrations for a number of retargeting and traditional CPC advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, Criteo, etc)
  • Built in content management (CMS) and asset manager for custom pages and content.
  • Feeds and API's for publishing to directory sites or sending data to other systems such as accounting software.

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